Friday, September 27, 2013

More summer projects

Catching up on some more projects I've done this summer.
I did another hooded towel for my cousin, who just had her baby on the same day I did!  Congrats!  Anyway, my twin sister does most of my designs for the appliques, the little boy was one of her designs (along with the giraffe in the previous post).
I was going for a John Deere color scheme.  That's why the towel is soooo yellow. :)
I also finally made my oldest minion a hooded towel of her choosing: Pink with rainbow ribbon and a horse (OK, so it's a My Little Pony, but oh well).
She was sooooo excited to have it finished.  She showed it off to anyone who came through the door.
A repeat photo of the Repo coat from the previous post, but on my fabulous twin!
I also made her skirt thing for the same costume...
 I added the pink trim and oriental fabric to the black corset...
(please excuse the mess, and the fact that I only have a children's body form and thus had to stuff the bust and hips with baby blankets. Lol)
 Back view of the corset.
and made this neck piece as well
 The final ensemble.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Here are a few more projects.
A giraffe towel.  The towel is a deeper baby green
 Trim.  Perfect!
 An owl towel with the last name initial.
 Plain deep baby green trim.
A Repo cosplay over coat thing. 
and the back.
I also made the over jacket for a flower girl dress.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Towels

Finished another set of towels.  This first one was for a baby shower.  It has a Biblical theme.  There's the Lion and the Lamb lying down together, a little boy in the Armor of God, and a star to remind us to follow Christ--the Light of the World--and to remind us to let our light shine for others to see and come unto Christ.
 The ribbon for the towel was perfect.  I almost squealed with delight when I saw it.
(Part of the name has been blotted out for privacy)
 Got another set of three towels done.  More beach themed ones. :)  Here is a dolphin.
 A ship.
 I find this ribbon to be very Thanksgiving/Pilgrim-y.
 And lastly, a seal.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Car Seat Cover

 Between substitute teaching and having a baby, I've been a bit busy since the last post. :)  But I still fit in projects.  Here is my latest accomplishment.  I redid a car seat.  This was a bit of an adventure.  I got the project with seat cover completely dismembered.  Thankfully, I had a friend who had the exact same car seat, and let me borrow it to use as a map on how to reassemble this seat and canopy.
 This was the original color scheme.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Towels, Towels, Alterations, and Christmas projects

Let's start with a set of towels I did during the spring.  All three of these towels were a beach theme.
First, A light house.
Second, a sand castle.
Close up of the applique.  I even put a star fish, crab, and windows in the castle.
 Third and final towel in the set.  A whale with a boat.  In my opinion I think the whale is quite cute. :)
This next towel is actually an adult hooded towel.  The difference between adult and children towels is I use a bath sheet and a whole hand towel for the adult towels, where as the children's towels take a normal bath towel with half of a hand towel.  This is actually about my third adult towel I've done.  The other two were the red Razorback hooded towel.  This towel has sunflowers.
 I added some embroidery to the trims, and made the trim two ribbons instead of one.  This does add to the cost, but added such a great touch to this towel.
 This dress I added 6 inches to the hem.
 It can't be seen very well in these pictures, but I put brown piping at the hem to match the sleeves.  There's also row of machine embroidery right above the piping.  For the floral designs, I actually had that same stitch in my machine, so I did some drawing and finished some of the patterns onto the added inches so it didn't look so awkward by just stopping.
 Back view.  Also added a slit so she could still be able to walk comfortably with the added inches.
 The next three towels were another set of beach themed towels for the same customer.  She loves to give them out as gifts, and she lives near the beach, so it works out. :)
This first towel is a repeat, but with a different towel color.
 I also changed up the ribbon.  Is it just me or does this color scheme not scream out Fischer Price or something?  Cute, but reminds me of the little Fischer Price boat that you could get with the Vintage Little People camping set.
 This second one was one of my favorites to finish because I love the tails on the kite.
 Close up of the amazing tail.  No, I'm not being humble right now. ^_~
 Trim for the kite towel.  Could also work for a Star Bright or Care Bear towel.
 Final towel in the set.  Killer Whales.
 This ribbon could also work with a cute little penguin or polar bear theme.
 I also got the chance to butcher a wedding dress. :)  The dress started out with a zipper in the back, and was floor length with an amazing this.
 I took out the zipper and added a corset back.
 And cut off the train and dress to make it more of a tea length dress.  There was actually a lot more that went into the dress than simply cutting it off.  No professional seamstress would have wanted to touch this project with what I had to do to keep the center embroidery and beading to stay and not get cut off.  I don't have any pictures of the dress on the wedding day, but hoping to get some.  If not, here it is being modeled after completion by my human mannequin for this project.  :)
And now we're to the Christmas project section of this posting.  My family takes turns sending gifts to each siblings now that we're all out of the house and growing our own families.  This year I had my brother, and he loves Star Wars.  So, to test my ambition even more I made him this bath towel.
 Close up of the Boba Fett applique.  There were a lot of pieces to this applique.  He's lucky he got this one for free, because it would've cost a lot if he'd tried to buy it himself.  It took a lot of time and love to make.
 This towel I did for my twin.  I didn't have her this year, but we usually send each other a token gift to one another since we're twins and all.
Here's my only none sewing project.  Got the idea off of Pinterest, and gave each of the grandparents my daughter's footprint. :)
 Here's an embroidery I did in which I hand guided the machine.  Much better than my first attempt.  Helps to have a pattern to follow.
 I made this rag doll for my daughter.  I used an old curtain for the pinafore.
 I also hand embroidered her name and year on the dolls chest.  I used a Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern for the rag doll, so sewing on the heart seemed only fitting too. This was my first time doing hand embroidery.  Need to practice.
 I also finally made my daughter her own stocking.  I machine guided the name again here.  I got more ambitious this time.  If you get a close up look of the embroidery you can see all the imperfections, but again, it helps to have a pattern.  I'm planning on adding some kind of penguin, tree, igloo scene of some kind for next year.  I was just so happy to get her stocking made finally, I didn't want her to have to wait another year just to use it because I felt it wasn't done.
 And my final project.  Probably my easiest.  I sewed these cushion covers for this book shelf/window shelf my husband made for our daughter and future posterity.
And that concludes this long post. :)  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year!