Friday, September 27, 2013

More summer projects

Catching up on some more projects I've done this summer.
I did another hooded towel for my cousin, who just had her baby on the same day I did!  Congrats!  Anyway, my twin sister does most of my designs for the appliques, the little boy was one of her designs (along with the giraffe in the previous post).
I was going for a John Deere color scheme.  That's why the towel is soooo yellow. :)
I also finally made my oldest minion a hooded towel of her choosing: Pink with rainbow ribbon and a horse (OK, so it's a My Little Pony, but oh well).
She was sooooo excited to have it finished.  She showed it off to anyone who came through the door.
A repeat photo of the Repo coat from the previous post, but on my fabulous twin!
I also made her skirt thing for the same costume...
 I added the pink trim and oriental fabric to the black corset...
(please excuse the mess, and the fact that I only have a children's body form and thus had to stuff the bust and hips with baby blankets. Lol)
 Back view of the corset.
and made this neck piece as well
 The final ensemble.

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